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14 yo

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My neice is 14 yo and still no period. What do you think???


I think she is just a late bloomer.... I had my period late too... 14 and a half...


I understand how you can be worried, but 14 is still OK for me... no need to panic.


this is still OK. I was almost 16 when I got my period and I remember being terrified that I was weird! but some girls dont get their periods later.


I got my period at 12 almost 13... she will get it soon enough.


No need to panic! It should start real soon!


We took her to a doctor coz she was getting worried. Apparently, all her friends have started so you are right, even for menstruation there is some sort of peer pressure. It worked out though at least this way, she knows that some girls start later than the others.