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problems with the pill

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Hi there

My name is Holly and I work for a charity called Youthnet. I\'m not here to spam - I promise.

Youthnet run a website called which helps 16-25 yr-olds by writing informative articles to help them through life.

I\'m currently writing an article about the contraceptive pill and the side effects it can cause. Through my research I\'ve found the most common are:
Loss of sex drive
Tender breasts
Greasy hair
Bad cramps

I\'m interviewing a number of womens health specialists to try and get honest advice about what causes this and how to (hopefully) get rid of these unpleasant side effects. But I\'m also keen to talk to women aged 16-25 yr olds about their experiences on the pill. All I\'m looking for is a quick email conversation and your comments will be COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. I\'ll change your name so no-one knows its you.

If anyone is interesting in helping me, please write your experiences below (the site won't let me type out my email address) And if you want, I can post the link to the finished article so users can benefit from the advice and information I get from the experts.

Thanks for your time




This is a response to your post about problems with birth control and I would like to tell you about how the pill has affected me personally.

I am a a 23 year old woman and I have been taking the pill for 5 years now on and off (between relationships)

although the pill for me has been very effective in preventing pregnancy It has taken a negative emotional toll on me that has effected my life greatly. The most significant side effect that I have experienced so far is my loss of libido.

Before I took the pill, and at times when I was not taking the pill My sexual libido was extremely high. I was a very sexual woman with great sexual relationships. I enjoyed it thoroughly and had intense orgasms, and I generally thought about sex alot and it didnt take much to turn me on.

I am now in a long term term relationship with a man that I see myself building a future with. I have been taking the pill since I have been with him and although I find him extremely attractive and he has everything I want sexually in a man, I find my interest in our sexual life Is hardly there. It makes me so sad to know that this is not how I used to be and I want him to see that sexual side of me that I know is there somewhere. I often find myself faking my interest so that I can please him.

Another side effect I noticed ONLY when taking the pill is that I have alot of trouble producing vaginal lubrication on my own. Im not sure if its a side effect of low libido itself or the pill directly. I used to have no problem with this whatsoever. I never used to use any store bought lube and now I have to use it every time or sex is uncomfortable.

The pill for me has not only dampened my sexual drive, but I have also noticed other effects.

I have noticed that I feel down alot and even depressed like my energy is just not there anymore.

Im only 23 and I dont feel like I used to a few years ago. I dont feel like myself and the emotional toll that my low libido has taken on my life and my relationship is significant. I feel like I am lacking as a woman and lacking as a sexual partner and I want my old self back.

I am doing some research into different birth control options and I want to know if there are any women out there who are experiencing what I am experiencing and if you have found a solution. My fear now is that the side effects will be permanent or long term. I cannot just stop taking the pill until I find another alternative. I am wondering if anyone out there has tried a copper IUD, or any other forms of non hormonal birth control.

I dont want to rely solely on methods like condoms, spermicides, diaphragms ect.

your input and replies are greatly appreciated


Hi wildrose

Thanks for getting back to me.

I've actually now written three articles addressing these issues which hopefully will be of help and comfort to you.
- Finding the right contraceptive pill
- The pill: common side effects
- The coil unravelled.

This website doesn't let me post links to them directly. But if you are interested in learning more, google 'TheSite', which will hopefully take you to our charity's website. Then click on 'sex and relationships', then 'safer sex' and then 'contraception'.

All articles will be there. I hope they can be of some help.

Good luck!