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problems with birthcontrol

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I was on ortho tri cyclin lo after i had my daughter and all i had was yeast infections while I was on it. I then got off of it and a couple months later i got on mirena which was nice but once i had it for 6 months the same thing started to happen. I went a year with at least 2 of them a month i used the creams and was perscribed antibiotics but nothing helped because once I was getting over it i would have a few days and get another one. Any ways has anyone else delt with this before. If so what did you do for birthcontrol? I hate not being on one but I cant keep living this way.


I've had the same problems with yeast and bacterial infections while on the pill. I tried 3 different ones but nothing helped. I've just recently quit the pill and have decided to use FAM or charting and condoms as my method.
I also had other problems on the pill like low sex drive, dryness, depression, and moodiness.