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other forms of birthcontrol against STD

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aside from condoms what other forms of birth control are effective against STD, aids and other sexually transmitted diseases?


Both male and female condoms are only the most effective forms of contraceptive that are effective against std because they prevent direct contact and fluid exchange


I think the condom is the only kind that prevents fluid exchange and this is really important when dealing with STD. Use a condom all the time to be sure


I agree with Bubbles also minimize on the number of people you have sex with to further decrease the risk of contacting STD


There is a shot for HPV and also Hepatitis. But even if you get immunized you will still get infected if you have sex w/o a condom.


is common sense a birth control method? LOL i mean you usually pick up std from strangers and one night stands. so being monogamous will be effective against std...


a lady in another thread suggests phone sex! you can't get infected by yakking on the phone right!


i think its just condoms. there are immunizations but they are for preventive.