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not horny at all

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i been on the birth control depovira the shot for about well lets just say i only had 3 shots. and from when i first got my 1st shot i start noticing that when me and my husband have sex i hate it. it feels so uncomfortable i always complain about it hurt because it do.. its just our sex is a wreak i kno he sometimes want to just throw me off the bed i dont moan i just complain and it is like what the hell is wrong with me, i use to loove doing it morning noon evening and i was an aggressive one too. so now its like we haven't had sex in over 3mos now maybe four. i dont do nothing no blow no nothing and hes like why cant i just at least make him numm but i told him the thought of me putting my mouth their makes me want to vomitt.. someone please help me i don't want my husband to start cheating on me what should i buy what can i do????


Sex is an important part of relationships. The reason people get together in the first place is to have children. Basically sex. If you cant have sex, you need to learn other sexual skills. Learn to use your hands, Breasts, lips. If he is patient and considerate, you can try anal sex. If you dont want to learn other sexual skills, then realistically your time with him is limited. Men are wired different from women. Women need to feel close to have sex. Men need to have sex to bond with women. Cut off sex, and watch the man get more and more distant. I cant explain why, its just how we are.

tubal nightmare

I have had a similar issue after having complications from a tubal ligation. My issue ended up being the partner I was with was not right for me, but if you know that is not the case then there are other alternatives. Check with your doctor to see if Korean Ginseng can help your drive. It's a natural vitamin designed for energy support and can increase libido. Make sure that it doesn't interfere with the shot, but it's still an option. Second, there are always different "tools" to spice things up and sometimes it just takes a change of the routine to set things right. Good luck and hope something works for you.