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need advice ASAP.!
1 posts on this thread and the last post was on July 10th, 2011 5:44 PM by tinker9590650

Hi, I am hoping someone could advise me. I have been waiting for a call to see a gynaecologist for the last 8months as i have had irregular periods it has taken me a while to get it checked out as i thought it was was part of life but i was told to get it sorted before i decide to have kids.

I am 20yrs old and want to go on contraception asap but as my periods are irregular (instead of a normal 4wk cycle it is usually 6wks for me) i am afraid i will mess up days if i go on the pill. I am seriously considering the Implanon implant as i have friends who have used it but am wondering how much it costs totally in ireland and if it will work properly.? what are my best options.?

I hope someone can help as i should be due my period in the next 2weeks and would like to start by then.


as far as i understand the pill will help you regulate your cycles.. you need to get in and see your doctor to discuss your options. I went through a little of that around your age.. I was put on the pill and in less than a year my cycle was regulated..


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