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I have the iud and latley I've been hearing a lot of bad things about it. I've had it for almost 2 yrs now and its startn to bug me as well... I want to take it out because of what I've heard. But I don't know what I should replace it with that is as affected? Or should I keep it in?


Is it bothering you? If so, remove it, If not then I would recommend leaving it alone. From what I have read, the problems with the IUD stems from three basic causes. 1)Lack of cleanliness. 2)Improper placement, or installed wrong. 3)Using the version if the IUD that has the birth control hormones.

Most complaints are about infections. Based on how people live, Im not surprised by this. I used to be a field technician. I would enter anywhere from 10 to 15 houses a day as I did my rounds. A lot of people are absolute pigs. Many barely bathe. Some of the houses were so nasty that even the furniture was sticky. If you have an IUD, you have to bathe. Based on my personal experiences with people, im not surprised the incidence of infection is high. But I wouldn't be-lame the IUD.

The second complaint is punctured uterus, excessive pain, cramping, bleeding, ect. This is simple malpractice. If you get a good doctor to put it in, then your fine.

The third complaint and the second most common one is the side effects from the long term birth control hormones that some of the IUD's have. Just like the regular pill, these can cause havoc on some peoples lives. Total loss of sex drive, odd, or heavy periods. Mood swings and personality shifts. Blood clots, heart attacks, or strokes. The fix for this is not to use the IUD that have hormone. A basic copper IUD works just as good.

Its personal opinion what you decide to do. What are your experiences with the IUD? You have had yours for a while, Can I get you to tell us your experiences with it? Besides the stories, are you happy with it?