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early forms of birth control

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so according to one topic here vinegar, dung, goat intestines were used by women of ancient time to prevent pregnancy. what other forms did women in other civilizations use? please list them here.


the most popular form was coitus or withdrawal. there are also certain herbs that women drank in order to prevent conception. but these were later found to be either abortitative or poisonous.



the intestines I read about in some novel because the gents during the medieval ages needed protection from sypillis!


yes, very poisonous! some women drank cocktails of chemicals with mercury or lead to induce abortions:(


Sheep skin has been used for a very long time. I read it's been used as a form of contraception back in the days of the Roman Empire


Yes thats' right Emma - dung! How they used it to "prevent" pregnancy really amazes me. LOLzzz!


Actually, there are still sheepskin condoms available today :D.

but be wary coz those kinds dont protect against HIV. It is biodegradable though! LOL!


I guess people even those that came before us, liked sex but did not want to get pregnant all the time! Some of their ideas were pretty wild!!!

And Yeah, I saw some lambskin condoms... LOLZ about the biodegradable...