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Yaz and Yasmin Users!!!

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Groups have been complaining about Yaz and Yasmin as they are known to cause strokes, blood clots and other health concerns compared to other brands of oral contraceptive! Better beware Yaz and Yasmin users!


Saw this on the news a while back.... This is sad coz Yaz is quite popular.


I also used to be a Yaz user but my gynecologist had me switch to a different brand with a lower dose a year before this story surfaced. I'm glad!


I used to be on Seasonale...Hope there's nothing on the news about this??


OMG.... was on Yasmin a couple of years ago... had to move to a lower dose...thank God!


yep, they recalled during September so had to switch to another type :-( was on Yasmin


Wow, why did the FDA OK Yaz and Yasmin in the first place???


some spam just got in my email about this...


Wow thats scary! I only just stopped taking Yasmin like 2 weeks ago! And that was because it was too expensive. Still available here in Aus.


I asked my nurse practitioner about this last time I was in the office, and they did NOT recommend that I change. They say it is just hype from law offices, yaz doesn't pose any risk that isn't found in most oral contraceptives.


I've taken yaz for 3 years now and have never had a problem with it. Its been nothing but great for me!


Exactly right Abby JP. Read the cautions with any hormonal birth control and you'll see the same cautions. That's why they don't recommend the pill for women over 35 with high blood pressure. I switched to Yaz last year and haven't experienced any side effects except for shorter, lighter periods. I generally have one regular period day and two days of spotting. I'm currently exploring the idea that birth control in general has zapped my libido and sexual response, but other then that, the pill has worked great for me. I'll let you all know next year if I have any trouble conceiving after going off the pill after 14 years of use. Good luck ladies!


My 19 year old began taking Yaz, as recommended by a dermatologist for her severe acne that may be linked to hormonal levels. She's about 7 days into this prescription and she has had a light period. Should she abandon using it until her period is over, or just continue taking the pills until she gets to the placebos which is when she expected to have a period.??


normally you go straight to the sugar pills when your period starts, but she isn't taking the pill for birth control, but for a skin condition. I'm not sure what would be best under the circumstances. It never hurts to ring up the doctors office and ask the nurse her opinion. They generally know the right thing to do and will be happy to tell you over the phone.

My gut reaction would be to use them like a standard birth control pill, which means going to the sugar pills and purchasing a new pack to start when this period ends. My reasoning is this. She thinks she is taking birth control pills. by not taking them as recommended, she may not be completely protected from pregnancy. So why complicate matters and cause a potential problem.

What ever you do, make sure your daughter understands that the pills in the pack that she takes during her period are only sugar pills and provide no protection at all. The reason that I say this is that now due to her out of cycle period, the sugar pills are going to come up in the middle of her cycle if she continues going through that pack.

So they will be the ones she will be tempted to take, and it will be on the week that she ovulates. Taking them on that week removes all birth control protection at the most dangerous possible time in her cycle.

Just a few thoughts


Thank you, rikithemonk (love the title!). She ended up calling a Nurse Hotline who called it "break-through" bleeding (?) and was advised to continue as scheduled with the regular pills.


I started on Yaz recently, I have 1 pill left in my first pack and I havent gotten my period yet, but I should have. I read that not getting your period is very common for women taking Yaz? It is freaking me out, and feels really weird to miss a period, since i have NEVER missed it before.


Can anyone tell me if it is safe to use sexuall enhancers with yaz?