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I am just wondering if there are any women on here who don't have kids and have never been pregnant and have an iud. I'm really interested in getting one and I'd like to hear about other women's experiences with them.



Sorry you aren't getting any responses Kitten. When I was going through the internet researching the IUD's I came across some interesting forum conversations about them. Most people seemed to like them, there were some complaints of infections, but I don't think much about that.

I used to be a repair man in my teen age years and I was inside several peoples homes every single day. Seeing how filthy some people live was a bit of a shocker to me. Based on this, its no surprise to me that some people with IUD's get infections. You have to bathe.

The complaints I have read that I do pay attention to are these. Most women said that the insertion process was painful. Some said they experienced a feeling of pinching or cramping for a day or two after the insertion.

Those are about the only complaints that I have come across so far. Just be sure to ask your doctor if the one he is planning to use has hormone in it. Some IUD's have a slow release birth control pill built into them. A little like the norplant.