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Tampons and Pads for the Earth

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Global warming is upon us. Millions of women menstruate and dispose of tampons and pads everyday contributing to garbage and pollution. So would you give up using tampons or sanitary pads to save the earth?


YES! Anything for Mother Earth...Just as long as the substitutes are as good as and sanitary :)


Have you been to the seasponge/reusable napkins thread? i think that when you use reusable sanitary products it does save the earth and those two products are very sensible and earth friendly alternatives :) Yes to mother earth!


Lois, i think this is in the wrong room! LOL! They are having a great time at the Menstruation room discussing a similar thread. It seems that interest has been perked up.

But if it could I would!


yeah, no to global warming and polluting our earth with tampons and pads! lol! errr...what do we use then?


haha, this is quite funny but a valid question. imagine all those tampons in landfills or in incinerators...eww!

So let's chuck the tampon and pad and go organic with reusable sea sponges!

Ron, they have a discussion about sea sponges and reusable sanitary pads at the menstruation forum...please visit and tell us what you think!


I saw this tidbit on the net:

Over 12 BILLION pads and tampons are USED ONCE and disposed of annually, adding to environmental pollution.

That's a mountain load of tampons and pads ladies!


really??? in a year! we seriously need to consider the reusable kinds!


in a landfill somewhere in the world there is a mountain of tampons and pads...which will take a gazillion years to decompose!

as women we have the responsibility of doing something about this!

let's go reusable!


if carbon emissions were man's ecological footprint then the mountain of tampons would be ours! we really have to do something about this!


12 Billion Pads! Looks like we seriously need to look into those sea sponges and menstrual cups. They have a nice discussion going in the other room. And I guess 1 or two menstrual cups would last till menopause. It seems they are easier to clean and store than the sea sponges. Using them will surely cut those pads down!