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Nothing is right for me, please help!

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I'm in a long term relationship but not ready for children yet, I've tried lots of birth control and every single one i've had to stop taking because of side effects such as vomiting, mood swings, irregular periods etc I am allergic to most condom type No type of pill seems to suit me. About 6/7 months ago I had the Implanon implant fitted and all was great untill about July where I started getting prolonged periods and I'm now having 2-3 periods a month and when I am not on a full period I am spotting, there is only about 5 to 7 days a month where I have nothing my skin is not too pretty neither. I am honestly at my wits end, what else can I try, I'd like to be as safe as possible!


I'm surprised the dr would prescribe that. Implanton is no different than a pill. Same drugs in it. Try a basic copper IUD. If your clean and have good hygiene you won't have any issues with it.