Is IUD ok?
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is iud ok as birth control?



Yes it is ok. It's one of the birth control methods that has the lowest failure rate. Meaning, the chance of it successfully preventing accidental pregnancy is high.



yes,very effective.i am using it. ^^



Have used this form of contraceptive - WORKS!



yes iud ok



Yeah, it's ok but IUD is abortitative. Meaning you could be pregnant but the fetus is aborted because there is no room for it to grow because of the device in the uterus.



abortitative? meaning you could get pregnant then lose the baby? how so? isnt that what the IUD is for - no baby?



tried iud for 5 months but had to get it out coz i noticed that my cramps got worse



the iud is one of the most trusted methods of contraception. they are relatively cheap and they can be worn for a long time before replacing.

i know of some women who complain of heavier periods and pimple breakouts but otherwise IUD is OK for me.



After getting of the pill and getting the IUD with no hormones in it I have gained weight and have alot of bloating. Can this be from the IUD?



hi, have had the copper iud fitted a few weeks ago and have been experiencing a lot of cramps and back pain especially after intercourse (feels like labour pains). Is this normal? Also I can not feel the strings however I think it must still be there as I am having such strong pains. I must admit though aside from the pain my sex drive has increased majorly! Better than the pill and implant in that respect.




The IUD is springy and can cause some pinching occasionally, but after the first few days you shouldn't be getting strong pains from it. Be careful with it, while the IUD has been safely used by millions of people and is one of the oldest forms of birth control, bad things can happen. If you continue to have these sharp pains you should see a doctor to rule out the possibility of an infection or puncture. These are rare, but they can happen.



I am a virgin and I can't use hormone based birth control. I think the non-hormone copper IUD is my only hope. Has anyone here have an IUD who is a virgin or not had a baby and could not use regular hormone birth control?



The IUD is not abortitive!!!!!! Alessandra has no idea what she is talking about. IT works like all other forms of birth control in that it PREVENTS PREGNANCY. It DOES NOT ABORT a pregnancy. There are extremely rare instances in which a tubal pregnancy can occur which means that an egg gets fertilized within the fallopian tube and therefore there is no room for the fetus to grow but that is not the primary method of how an IUD works. THe IUD is excellent at preventing pregnancy. The largest risk with one is the insertion. And a good majority of Dr.s will not recommend one if the woman has never had any children yet. I have one,(Mirena - in for two years) have no problems with periods, cramping, etc. My only concern is Mirena has hormones much like the BC pill but in a smaller amount. These hormones decrease my sex drive. I am now looking into the copper IUD which is hormone free.



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