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Hormones and Birth Control

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I was wondering if somebody could share their experience with oral contraceptive



Been using the Pill for 10 years. So far its been ok. No weird break-outs or anything. Just make sure to get regular pap smears when you decide to take the pill or any other contraceptives to be sure


Hi Ophelia and Joanie!

I was on the pill too but I decided to stop when I gained weight because of some of the hormones present in the pill. However, some friends of mine are still on the pill for years now and they have not gained weight though, so I guess it depends on type. My bf and I are using diaphragm now.


Been on the pill for 5 years...100% effective against pregnancy so far and no adverse reactions too


The Pill lessened my acne and made my period lighter


Statistically, if the birth control pill is taken correctly less than 1 in 100 women will get pregnant in a year.

Its a good contraceptive, so long as you use it correctly, however there are side effects like headaches, tender breasts and it helps lessen cramps. Also good for women with irregular period as the pill regularizes it!


I actually like the pill as it is not messy, very easy to use and is very reliable!


The Pill is convenient and easy to use. Plus, there are benefits like helping lessening my acne and made my periods like clockwork!


My sister had to stop and was adviced to get another form of birth control when she reached her 36th bday. She is now on diaphrams