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Flavored/Scented Condoms

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You prefer flavored/scented condoms? Strawberry grosses me out but I like banana flavored. It smells nice.

What do you think?


yes definitely. the unscented ones smell rubbery


they always seem to come in fruit flavors...hmmm

i've tride orange, strawberry, chocolate & mint...

maybe next time they can have scents like Victoria's Secret or Calvin Klein perfumes...hmm


LOL! It would be too weird if it smelled like perfume! Mint for me!


i never understood why there had to be flavors for this. but fruit flavors would only be logical. yeah it would be weird if it smelled like perfume. some scents are just too strong and irritates the nose easily. even weirder if you get pizza flavor or BBQ. hahha!


I would so go for the Pizza flavor though! Orange smells good too!


I think perfumes would have stronger scent than the fruit ones. But I like the fruit ones too...they also have cute color :P


BBQ scented LOL! But hey maybe they should try herbal scented ones like Jasmine or lavender, they smell nice too!


They sold Durian scented ones in Malaysia. For those not in the know you can google Durian!


OMG! I know what durian is! I had this when I went to Thailand last year! It stinks! Its not what i want my you-know-what to smell like after/during sex!

but i've tried orange and banana and i like them:)


hmmm...why are they always after fruit...can they be floral too? a lavender scented condom can be very smoothing...hahahah!


hahaha!!! bbq and pizza lol! i wont be able to concentrate then!!! havent tried floral scented...perfumed and fruity scent, yes


grape and berry scented ones are cloying while lime, lemon or orange scented ones are very refreshing :)