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Changing to the Diaphram????
2 posts on this thread and the last post was on September 2nd, 2011 5:26 AM by prosperity

I am considering changing my form of birth control. I used the pill for year prior to having my son. Now for the past two years I have had the IUD, Mirena. I absolutely love the IUD in simplicity. I never have to worry about and I feel no discomfort, and no more migranes that the pill or Depo shots would cause me. The problem is I also have no...I mean zero... Sex drive. I used always want sex so much and now.. lets just say I didn't think I'd lose this much interest in sex ever. I"m 31 years old. Have a 2, almost 3 year old and a wonderful husband. Does anyone have any advice about the diaphram. Pros? Cons? I'm considering this method will eliminate messing wiht my hormones. Thanks.


after the the same problem with the mirena(low drive, feeling down and out all the time, and spotting) I have started using the diaphragm. All I can say is that it is the best decision I have ever made. I am much happier now. The diaphragm takes a bit of getting used to but it gets easier. having said that it can look a bit big. I have now moved on to a female cap(Femcap) which opperates on the same principles as the diaphragm but reviews say is better as its much smaller. After using the femcap I would like to say it took me longer to get the hang of how to insert the femcap than the diaphragm but after several attemps I finally managed and I must say now I will no longer be using the diaphragm.
I would advice diaphragm first though so that you get used to your anatomy down below then when you are confident move on to the femcap I tell you it frees your body and you wonder why doctors only tell you about the pill, injection or IUD?


sorry didn't give you dates. Started using the diaphragm March 2011 and ordered femcap 2 weeks ago and I am finding it better than diaphragm in terms of fitting inside. Will cotinue using the diaphragm during fertile periods and practice with the femcap other times then use femcap completely with more practice.


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