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Can oral birth control cause birth defects?

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Hello everyone! I gotta question.

Can too much birth control taken orally possibly cause birth defects to your baby when you decide that you are ready to have one? I mean, what are the chances that this is gonna happen to someone who has taken the Pill, for example, for a long long time.


the hormones in BCP are naturally occuring so this should not be an issue. BCP are even safe for lactating mothers....


I too have heard of stories about birth control pills causing birth defects to babies. So this is not entirely true?


why in god's name would you continue to take contraceptive pills when you are pregnant? why take more than 1???


I used the pill for 5 years straight and my son is fine :)


birth defects are genetic.


wow that is so weird! I never thought to connect birth control pills and birth defects. But its good to know that there is no connection.