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Can a man feel an IUD?

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I am thinking that I would be a good candidate for the copper IUD. I don't want to be on hormones, I miss pills because I'm forgetful, and furthermore I have noticed decreased libido and minor weight gain on the pill. Not good! I love the idea of the non-hormonal copper IUD. My only concern is actually my partner. Can any IUD ladies speak to whether their partner can feel the IUD during sex, and if so, what is his reaction? Thanks in advance for your insight!


When you have sex, the penis is in your vaginal canal. This canal is fairly deep. At the end of this is your cervix which is basically a thick door that has a small opening about the width of your little finger. If you have sex with a very large man, he may hit your cervix but he will never get past that point. So he cant even reach the IUD. There is no chance of him knocking it around or anything like that.

Some IUD's do have a string and that string can dangle out of the cervix. A large man may be able to brush up against the string, but I doubt that he would notice. After all, you will probably have him quite distracted during that time.


I have had that the IUD can increase your weight and also increase your stomach cramps, is this true i am already struggling to loose weight and not afford to have more.


Hi OCN. All hormonal birth control methods have the same common side effects or complaints. Weight gain, Loss of sex drive, and mood swings/personality change.

There are several types of IUD's most of them include a slow release hormone much like the old norplant system that lasts an extremely long time.

If you use a hormonal form of BC, it will effect you, but not as much as you effect yourself. What effects your weight the most is what you put into your system. You need to have a way to control your intake. I recommend using a calorie counting website like "My Net Diary" or "Calorie King". These computer based calorie counters help keep you on track by having huge databases of common foods. You simply type in what you ate, and it fills in the calories and totals it for you. No more calorie books, or tedious number crunching with a pencil.

I also recommend looking for weight loss podcasts. These are internet based talk shows that can help you with tips and tricks, as well as reminding you that you are not alone.

Also the diary website has a forum much like this one where you can get moral support and help to support others who are struggling with their weight.

So far today, I have eaten 450 calories and that leaves me 775 left for the rest of the day. Ill probably hit chick-fil-a for dinner, and get a grilled chicken sandwich, a side salad, and an unsweet Iced tea. Thats around 380 calories. Im loosing weight myself. I have a ways to go, but its nice to see progress.

Good luck with yours