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You get what you pay for. It's an old adage which can effectively be applied to the subject of permanent hair removal. The cost of permanent hair removal is more than temporary hair removal, but the results are different in the post-procedure effects as well. Pricing varies with clinics, and a consultation is recommended before proceeding with any treatments. It's a good idea to get some referrals from prior clients of the clinic or private practitioner in order to determine whether you would want their services.

Price Determination for Electrolysis

Some of the cost factor is determined by the amount of hair to be removed. The cause of facial hair growth on women is hormonal and consequently the pattern of growth is different than that of men. Pricing structures vary with the different techniques of permanent hair removal as well as with the different clinics. Pricing of permanent hair removal is determined in the following ways:

Electrolysis permanent hair removal is priced between $25-$150/hr per treatment and the complete process could take between 100 to 400 hours. Variables include the client and the amount of hair the professional has to deal with. The rule of thumb as suggested by electrologists is to keep the cost at a maximum of $250 per week. The average cost of electrolysis methods, depending upon the condition of the hair being removed, can vary from $2,000-$20,000.

Factors in Laser Pricing

Laser permanent hair removal is sometimes based on a flat fee for specific techniques. The price is determined either by individual treatment or by complete treatment. The pattern of hair growth can also be a contributing factor in the pricing for laser hair removal. Some clinics offer pricing without consideration of specific hair growth patterns as well. Fifteen minute time segments are the basic time allotment per treatment for laser. However, this type of pricing pattern is dependent upon the technician's ability and speed with the laser along with the quality of hair being considered and the speed of the laser machine.

Pulses can be included as part of the determining factors for laser pricing. A pulse is the number of times the beams of laser are fired by the equipment. One pulse lasts about one second and removes about one hundred hairs in a dime or quarter sized area. With the decrease in the number of hairs, there is a decrease in price.

Different Methods, Different Pricing Systems

Electrolysis is more expensive than laser treatments but the advantages draw customers. Laser clinics generally structure their pricing around their clients' needs and most pricing is consistent throughout the country.

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