Stop The Sabotage

This is it. No turning back this time. Your mind is made up and you're going to stick with this diet until you get the results you want. Nobody is going to move you from your decision. Just let them try!

That was last month. Here you are today and you did really well, when you look back on it. That was until, in a moment of weakness, you ate four pieces of extra cheese pizza and had an ice cream for dessert. Then you skipped your workout-for two weeks. The slippery slide down hill has been fast. Like so many others who have gone before, you've fallen victim to a few dieting mistakes that are common to all those who diet.

Let's Be Reasonable...

In order to successfully lose weight, it is important to find strategies that will work easily for you. Rather than committing to unreasonable goals and doing radical things that will pave the way to failure, set reasonable, manageable and attainable goals that will enforce success. Take small bites and keep things in perspective. You'll soon see how easy it is to stay on track by employing some of the strategies we've outlined here.

Some Simple Strategies For Success

First, and foremost, make the decision to gain control of your weight, write it down and set a reasonable time frame to accomplish it. Then, use some of the following simple strategies to help yourself become the success you know you are:

-Remove temptation by taking the foods out of the house that you struggle controlling. If peanut butter almond cookies get you every time, don't have them around. That way, they won't get you and you'll save yourself a potential cookie binge that may result in thousands of calories.

-If you're eating out, order your entree first. The waiter may not get it, but by diffusing your hunger right away, you save a load of calories that you might otherwise gobble up in bread, drinks or appies.

-Begin your workout before you check your email or phone messages in the early morning. If you get up and get a workout in first thing in the morning, you've kick-started your metabolism and gotten a good rush of adrenalin to start the day. Just 15 minutes a day measures in at a ten pound weight loss over the course of a year.

-When you're visiting friends and the food just keeps coming, taste a sample and then firmly and kindly decline when they come around again. Folks can have a real penchant for stuffing their guests. A polite reference to how delicious everything is and an equally firm decline can save you calories and added pounds.

-If you're hungry-EAT. By having a snack, even if you get hungry just before dinner, you avoid coming to the table ravenous and potentially overeating. Get in the habit of having an afternoon snack early enough to assuage hunger and late enough to keep you satisfied until dinner.

Try It-You'll Be Glad You Did

Just employing one or two of these tips has the potential of saving you thousands or calories. You will find your dieting is easier and your weight loss is more permanent when you make lifestyle changes you can live with instead of radical decisions that are too difficult to maintain.


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