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Hello! My friend and I go to the gym regularly as part of our regimen for getting some cardio workout. We were wondering if diet supplements for weight loss like Hoodia Gordonni or laxatives will have effects on overall health?

Thank You!



I have not tried supplements but going to the gym and then eating a balanced diet really works. Like my trainer says "slowly but surely is the way". Just enjoy your workout and eat healthy foods. Stay away from sweets, salty foods and fat and you should be ok!



There are many natural ways to have weight loss. You gonna have to exercise everyday..eat healthy nutritious foods and avoid a fatty and oily foods.



To maintain a healthy weight..or to achieved weight loss,it's important to have proper workout and healthy lifestyle. Follow also proper intake of meals everyday. It's not good that because you want to loose weight, you will have to skip diet. Avoid doing that, because it will not help you loose weight in a good way..instead, it will lead you to different illnesses and health problems.



Achieving the desired weight loss is easy if you have the discipline and determination to really lose some weight. You just need to have a well -balance diet, following the food guide from the food pyramid and taking some natural diet herbs. Of course, you also need to have a proper exercise to achieved your desired weight loss.


rhea mae

There are many ways to lose some weight. But it's good that we lose some weight in a natural way. Natural way is good because,it does not only make you lose weight, but you are also sure that it's safe and it will also gives you an assurance that it's healthy and no side effect.



I was in the same boat, here is the thing...........it's all about diet! Of course exercise helps and you should do it as often as possible, but eating clean is going to take off the weight quick. I was the biggest I had ever been in my life and I was embarrassed to go out in public, I just felt icky. I went to the doctor and my bp was high (which could have been my anxiety as well since I have white coat anxiety, but whatever) anyhow, I said enough is enough and I started exercising 6 days a week doing P90X, it's great, a 30 min workout and man does it work!! But I also went two weeks eating so clean it was disgusting, I felt I couldn't eat anything really but with the help of my stepdaughter who was vegan for a year I found some stuff i actually didn't mind eating and the weight fell off like that! I lost 25 pounds in 3 months! I think at first i lost a lot of water weight and bloating, but who cares! I felt great and looked so much better! Eating clean is tough and I for the most part try to eat clean but i will have my sweets, it's just not overdoing it. I love sweets though so that is hard for me, I still struggle with self control, if i cut out sweets i would prob drop 50 more pounds but im doing great and i feel great, so i deserve my sweets if i want, but here is the trick, get away from processed foods! That includes all those weight loss meals that they sell in boxes, look at the ingredients in everything you buy, if you cannot pronounce the first ingredient, don't buy it. Do some research, you will find that there are lots of stuff out there that you can eat. The great thing is is it was a lifestyle change for me that trickled down to my fiancee and kids because we didn't want to cook three diff meals every night. So now they eat healthier too and you can see the difference in all of us, we look healthier. Look up clean eating and get a grocery list, they have them online and try it, I guarantee you will see a difference!! Work out too and it will make it that much better!!! Dont' do the weight loss pills, that weight will only come back when you stop, in order to keep the weight off it has to be a lifestyle change. Not a quick fix



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