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Hi, I am new here , I hope I wont bore you with my first post , but basically I am nearly 49 , married with two adult sons and a 18 month grandson, life is good I have a good husband , but I am so unsettled , I started the menopause when I was 36 . Its been two years now since I had a period my doctor says I have gone through the menopause, but I am so up and down, one minute I am elated the next I am down in the dumps, I hate being like this.

Is this normal and will the moods ever go away ?

please and thank you :)


thinker bell

Don't let menopause controlled you, and make you feel less as a person. Instead, you manage it. Take control of your emotions. Moods swing can be avoided if we will not allowed some negative thoughts to control us. Let go of your bad emotions. There are still other women like you who have their menopausal too as early as expected but still manage to be good and able to maintain a high profile personality. So, smile! chill! and embrace life to the fullest!



Every women all come to that stage. We all be having menopause. But it all depends on how we handle it. Even if we are not yet in our menopausal age, we can still meet ups and downs in our lives that's part of life's struggle. But the importance is, you know how to handle every situation. In your case, you have gone with it, so you should have used to it already. Learned to appreciate..then, you'll'll be able to appreciate life more!



As a woman, who have already experience menopause. It's already there, all you have to do is to embrace the truth and look at it in a positive way. Try to accept the fact that it's just normal, and every woman really pass to that cycle.So, just live a normal life and enjoy life to the fullest. There is nothing wrong with's part of every woman's journey in life.



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