pls help me or have any advice?
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this is my frist time posting something up about what i've been going through..

i'm seventeen yrs old and i do have a boyfriend and we had sex about 4 times but with a condom, after that i wanted to stop because i wanted to wait for my period to come. so i waited for a couple of days then nothing was coming out except this yellowy liquid stuff which i got really scared and i thought it would go away but it didnt and i still have it till now, but i told my mom about 2 weeks after, so my mom just said to put a yeast infection cream on it and i did and i've been putting it on for like 2-3 weeks now and its kind of getting gone but its still there...after that my period still didnt come and it's already the beinning of august which means i skipped a month of my period and i've been getting sick alot like a headache and my body temperature is sometimes hot, but the worse part is i have these two bumps inside my left and right vagina and it hurts if i even touched it a little. well my mom kept insisting to go to a doctors but i kept refusing because shes expect me to be the perfect and inesent child but i completly screwed up and my parents will never accept and trust me again if they ever found out! i'm just really scared to go to the doctors which i willbe going tomorrow i just want everything to workout but i know it will not :( .... if this is the signs of hiv and std then how am i topose to tell my parents and my boyfriend which i Lovve so much because they're the most important thing in my life.. i cant lose there trust ... i'm sorry for being to emotional on this ..i'm just to scared the my life is gunna change

i need help is this the signs of HIV or STDS can they be cured?
i know this is a long post i did, but i really need help and advice this is the only place i can turn to for help! please and thanks-you :)




I'm sorry this is so late. First off. Sex is responsibility. No this isn't a lecture. Sex is responsibility. Not because of babies, or other foolishness that adults tell you, but because (Not if) but when things go wrong You have to be able to make the right choices. Especially when all hell breaks loose You aren't doing that. Your scared and your hiding and you have a serious infection.

Question 1. Are you pregnant? Most likely not. Protected sex is safe for a reason. However be an adult. Go to pharmacy, not walmart, and buy a pregnancy test. There shouldn't be an age limit to buy one and no one will hassle you. test and find out. This is critical because if you have an STD you can pass it on to the baby. Just think of a baby with herpies all over its face. It does happen, Just google it.

2. Discharge for a yeast infection is white and can be milky or thick and cheese like. It has a rotten smell. Its not yellow and clear. Yellow indicates to me that its probably a bacterial infection. You got it because something on your boyfriend isn't clean. Maby the Condom was dirty, but my guess is that it was his hands or fingernails. I have personal experience with hands causing vaginal infections and im an adult that bathes with soap. I cant imagine what a typical teenage boys hands would cause. The only fix is a doctor prescription. Yeast kits don't cure these.

Look. Everyone has sex. Everyone knows this. Even your mother. She isn't scared of the sex, she is scared that you will make mistakes like the ones your making right now. She is afraid you will get an infection and hide it. or not use a condom. You did everything right sexually. Infections happen. My wife gets them several times a year and were clean. What you did wrong was not pregnancy test earlier. and not going to the doctor for the infection.

Its time to step up. Your obviously an adult its time to do it right.




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