Please help? Pregnancy related, am I pregnant?
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My boyfriend and I had sex while I was on my period, and he didn't completely pull out when he came while we were doing it in the shower, my period started June 6 we had sex June 11th and then my period ended June 14th Last month my period started on may 8th and ended may 14, It's June 21 and I've been experiencing enlargement of my breasts, much like when I'm on my period except there's no soreness, my abdomen seems to be getting bigger, I have slight nausea, all of these symptoms happened within the course of 2 days June 20th and June 21st before that I didn't feel any different. I have gotten a new job recently and a license so maybe it's because of stress? maybe it's because I'm psyching myself out because I keep reading up on pregnancy symptoms? or am I pregnant? I would really appreciate any advice and if I am pregnant how soon can I take a pregnancy test to verify, I have irregular periods so when should I take it? Thank you for any advice.



Yes, It's clear enough that you're already pregnant. Avoid doing some activities that could be very dangerous to you and your baby. It's God's gift to you and your boyfriend. It's a symbol of your love that's why you need to treasure it.



What you share to us seems really a sign that you're pregnant. go immediately to the Doctor for a prenatal check-up. Since you are in your first, you're still in the very delicate stage of your pregnancy. So, always be careful. Be aware of all those things that might harm you and your baby. Congratulations!



You are indeed absolutely pregnant. You have already felt the symptoms and a lot of signs of pregnancy. So, all you have to do is to be open with all the possibilities of being a mother. Just do the necessary things that you need to do to have proper and healthy pregnancy.



You will know if you are pregnant because their are lots of warning signs and symptoms with it. If you experience all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy then, you are indeed pregnant. But if you don't experience any signs and symptoms of pregnancy, then you are not pregnant.



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