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I am a 42 year old woman who from day to day can't seem to understand why on earth I am so upset from one moment to the next. I try so hard to just brush of my feelings by acknowledging them and saying to myself..."don't worry about it" But it is truly effecting my marriage and my family. Does anyone have any insight on this?



hiBut what do we do about it Berta I know the feeling it happens to me.Menopause is a good excuse.



I am going throught the same thing. I fly into fits of rage over the silliest little things. Absolutely can get out of control and irrational. My marriage and children are greatly effected by this. Just yesterday got put on prempro and truly hope this helps.



I am a 49yr. old woman going through menopause,the hot flashes,sleepless nights,mood swings bad,and I find myself wanting to be alone. I mean by that, I get in moods where I dont even want to talk to anyone,including my grown children.



I am a 28 yr old woman and pretty sure i have Premature menopause. i have been through alot of websites looking up menopause symptoms and such. I have gone through the entire check list and i have every symptom listed. the super "can't even move for a week" heavy periods,sleeplessness, hot flashes, night sweats, all the joint and muscle pains, ect...its been like this already for the past 5 years. (started around age 23) how long will this last before my periods finally stop?



Hello, everyone! I'm 54 yrs old and in full menopausal stage (per my Dr). I use to be on the pill until she told me to stop last month. Here's the thing: my husband and I are sexually active. Any suggestions on how to prevent menopausal pregnancy? He does not want to use condoms.



I'm sorry to say there's nothing I can think of for the Anger. The trick is finding out if its due to the changes in your body, or personal discontent. As for the pregnancy question from Marnie. Google the "Standard Days Method". It may work for you. The "Rhythm Method" is another calender based method that's been around forever.

Oh, there is always berrier methods like the "Lea's Shield", or the Diaphragm.



rikithemonk, thank you for your suggestions. completely forgot about the rhythm and standard days methods. and, of course the diaphragm. don't like to use the last one. but will google the rest. thanks again.



Im 38 and just got news from my Dr. that i am in early menopause. i have crazy mood swings... i cry over everything... i cant sleep... i thought it was stress from work...



Hello everyone has anyone got any advice on treating vaginal dryness? I am still sexually active with my partner but this is really affecting our sex life. I have been told of a couple of creams by friends including Replens and Hyalofemme but wondered if anyone had any experience of using either of these?



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