Menopausal depression
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I had a complete hysterectomy in dec 2010. In sept 2011 I had vaginal wall repair and a bladder sling. Since my hysterectomy I started having depression. I was taking estradiol and celexa. This was not helping me. I went to my dr a couple of weeks ago and he put me on Zoloft. I'm only on my 8 th day of this. I feel so lost in life right now. One minute I love my husband and the next day I don't. Is this normal? I'm back and forth with my feelings constantly and feel like I'm losing my mind. Someone please Help me



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I haven't had a hysterectomy myself but when I started experiencing menopause it came at me in depression too. I actually experienced the emotional symptoms before the hot flashes started. I'm an avid student of natural health and found that natural alternatives are a real solution for menopause relief - you have options - and its worth a try to feel better, like yourself again. I order a product from Menopause Relief Today that has worked very well for me. Hope you feel better!



Hi...I empathize with you. I too am having severe menopause depression and mood moment I love my husband and the next I want to leave moment I am so sad and depressed it physically hurts and two hours ok again...only to plunge again to being suicidally depressed. I find no joy in life, and avoid seeing my adult children who I love deeply, but find no joy in their company anymore. I know this doesn't help you, I am so are not alone though...just know that.






Hi Sglax...I have joined this site today for almost the exact you I had a hysterectomy when I was 40 and was put on HRT straight away I am now 57and came off HRT 31/2 years ago and because of that the menopause hit me like a brick. It has been tough going but helped by my wonderful understanding husband thought I was coming through it ok until just recently!!! Now like you I am having mega mood swings that I just don't anxiety levels are so high that I don't know if I am coming or going...I cry at the drop of a hat and again just like you, I sometimes feel so negative towards my husband and I HATE IT!!! I am hoping by joining this forum and talking to other women feeling the same I won't feel so isolated...that's the word, isolated!! I feel better just writing this reply. Thanks and I hope you get some relief soon...oh yes I have just started to take a natural remedy called Menapace, I took it before but stopped it but going to give it another try...I don't want to have to take tablets from the D
r unless it is a last resort...take care Mo xxxx

I don't know what to tell you, but I can tell you my story, which is similar to yours. I have hot flashes, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and total terror, plus depression. Menopause is ruining my life - has ruined it completely for now. Everything I used to enjoy I can't do anymore because of these symptoms. Currently, I take Progesterone that helps, but insurance won't pay for it, so it comes out of pocket. Then, there is my antidepressant - or lack of -because of the same problem. Can't get the doctors to authorize insurance to pay. These drugs are expensive and I don't have money for them. Then, those other antidepressants, like the ones you are on, cause major weight gain, so watch out for that! I gained about 30-40 pounds while on Zoloft, then Paxil, then Elavil. Then, when I went off of these drugs (due to insurance again), I suffered severe withdrawals, which increased the high blood pressure and palpitations. I felt as though I were dying and wanted to die. Yet, I survived and lost most of the weight. The Viibryd, which is my new antidepressant, which helped my depression, did not cause any weight gain. But, this is what the insurance won't cover, so I'm off of it for now and am crying all of the time. I have alienated everyone - neighbors, friends, family, and only have the next door neighbor's dog, Lyle, to cry on. His head is perpetually wet with my tears. I pray and cry and hold on to rosaries and candles, sleep underneath a table (going under tables started with palpitation terror that I was dying). My two cats walk around sad all of the time because I can't pay as much attention to them anymore. I never had children because of my poverty, as I did not want to bring children into the world under these conditions or add to the welfare burden. Therefore, menopause is worse. Women who never got pregnant have it harder, I have heard. Please stay in touch about your menopause miseries, as you have company in this. I am miserable like you, but maybe we can be hot flash buddies and work it out somehow. Also, depression pals. I have heard that this period of life does eventually go away and a more normal health pattern returns. My dance teacher told me this, and she is 65 years old and can stretch like a rubber band. She teaches yoga, Pilates, and modern dance, as well as improvisation. Her name is Pam. Post again or like me on Facebook and we'll stay in touch about these issues. I would feel useful if I could offer you some support through online discussions. Part of my problem is feeling useless, haggard and old like a discard. Most of this is because I do not get enough hours at work. I wish I could work more and be helpful and useful again.



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