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I heard that high blood sugar can sometimes contribute to vaginal itching. I am only concerned because that area has been itching on and off for about two years. Should I be concerned?


I have experience with this. I had high blood sugar before I went on a strict diet and had frequent vaginal itching. But to make sure get yourself checked to eliminate other problems


If you have vaginal itching i think it would be more prudent to go to a doctor who can answer your questions coz it can mean lots of different things. Having itchiness down there can be uncomfortable.


if you have vaginal itching and you are having high blood pressure, maybe you need to treat high blood pressure that goes to treat with you vaginal itching. i don't have any serious high blood issues but i take up "MX Co Q10 Forte" to prevent any future diseases like this. i don't want to compromise my health because it is important to prevent any illness that might get in your way.


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