dry skin
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i have dry skin. not menopausal. it does not really bother me except that the extra moisuture lotions dont seem to help me.



maybe you can go to a dermatologist. but if it does not post any problems, then you should be fine. however, dry skin can be itchy at times especially during hot weather.



are there extra extra moisturizing??/ LOL!!!

try another brand until you find a lotion that you like... experimenting with beauty products is half the fun!



I recommend Nivea Cream (the one in the jar). Or if you want a natural remedy, there's always aloe vera.



How bout those moisturizers, you can get the fast acting or heavy duty stuff.



Oxy Powder's O2-Zap is a super-saturated formula containing 98.5% pure oxygen with 1.5% ozone in organic cold pressed virgin olive oil.O2-Zap contains stabilized, ozonated, organic cold-pressed olive oil from Italy plus valuable trace minerals.You can use O2-Zap and results in glowing and clear skin.



try vaseline... they work better I think.



Ok, this is going to sound a little weird (OK, very weird.), It may be caused by your soap. To test if this is the case, you will have to bathe for several days by simply rinsing off. Don't use soaps or conditioners.

I know a woman tried this, and after the third day she noticed that her skin was starting to get back to normal. After a week, she was a lot better. Something in the soap actually damaged her skin. It took several months for her skin to get healthy again. (I was going to say normal, but for her, normal was dry and itchy.) Once she identified the problem she replaced her soaps with natural made, old fashion soaps.



i have the same problems my dr. brought to my attention thats its do to my allergies and a lot of the soaps we use makes it worse. try using non fragrance soaps and for the record lotion is not made for the face anytime in doubt vaseline will never harm you or make it worse.not too much it only takes a little



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