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I have recently begun a new job, and the health insurance won't kick in until a month after my start date. So, I am trying to find some information on my situation on the internet due to not having access to a doctor.

My wife lives two hours away from me (she's working on her masters), last time I saw her was on the February 24th. We fooled around, but did not have intercourse - but I did "finish."

My wife usually gets her periods at around the 5th of each month. This month (March), she got it on March 10th.

A few days before her periods this month, she was having mood swings, cramps, etc. Now that her period is almost finished, she is complaining of being extra sensitive in the breast area.

So my question is, is there any possibility that my wife could be pregnant (even though she already had her period)? Is it possible that the pregnancy did not "kick-in" for this menstrual cycle since the cycle begin date was only 10-15 days after we met? How many menstruation cycles does a pregnant women miss (all 9 months worth or just the first one)?

Please advice, I'm super concerned about my baby...



it is impossible for a woman to be pregnant and have her period. the whole point of a period is to clean out the euteris to make way for a baby... if you just made a baby and her body's cleaning itself out, then there is no baby, or she had a miscarraige... either way, she's probably not pregnant if this is actually her period.
stress can have a lot to do with a late period, as well as change in season... just life... no woman i know actually constantly gets her period on the exact same day every month (besides, the month before you wrote this was february, so that missing couple days may have something to do with it)
actually, mood swings, cramps and breast tenderness are all normal for women on their period. sometimes it can be worse depending on what we eat, etc.
so, by now you should have your health insurance... did she go to the doctor? is everything ok?



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