Bad Cosmetics
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Is it true that there is lead in lipstick? is this a cause for concern among women?



This is a threat not only to lipstick but other personal care items as some raw materials used by manufacturers are known carcinogens.



wow so we really should go organic then!



We need to be vigilant about this as Faith said, cosmetic companies use ingredients that are not only harmful to the environment but also to personal health. Lead is not only found in lipstick but other personal hygiene items like shampoo, toothpaste etc



I have read that even big name brands like Olay and Vaseline contain chemicals that is harmful to humans. They say that the amount they use is so minuscule but it never hurts to be safe.



Its not only Lipstick ladies! Watch out for the ff chemicals in personal care products:

Propylene Glycol: found in lotions and creams it speeds up skin ageing
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: forms carcinogen nitrates. irritates skin and eyes
Parabens (Propyl, Methyl, Butyl, or Ethyl): toxic causes allergic reactions

Check the back of your personal care products and be SAFE always!



And here I thought It would only be lead to worry about...sigh!



I think I read somewhere that a chemical called Dioxane that is a probable human carcinogen can be found in products like Hello Kitty Bubble bath, Johnsons Baby Wash, Clairol Herbal Essences and Olay Complete body wash.

LIke juliet said, check the back labels!



Clairol Herbal Essences!!! What is the FDA doing about this?



this has been going on for quite some time...even Petroleum Jelly is not safe!



There is a report saying that lipsticks that are made to last longer have more lead content on them than those that wipe off easily.

While it may be true that there are some brands that contain lead in lipstick, there is still no evidence/test that can prove that these levels are unsafe.

but, lead has a tendency to accumulate. better avoid brands that have lead or those that are labeled as "long wearing" or "wont kiss off" and other similar connotations. there is a report that says that L'Oreal lipsticks have been tested to have "consistently higher levels of lead" than other brands.

Better to be safe than sorry!



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