Anorexia Nervosa
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Good day to all! I have this friend of mine since childhood.I've known her to be so conscious about her weight. She exercised a lot and always have unexplainable kind of, which I've known that she's no longer eating at all. That probably the reason why that she's became so skinny and pale. I told her that it seems like she's suffering from anorexia. But instead of listening to me, she became so mad and never talk to me at all. What will I do? I think my friend needs help.Her parents were so busy to noticed her change of self. I don't want something bad happen to my friend. Please help.



Seems like your friend has anorexia problem. You need to accompany her to the doctor, since you are the only person who truly cares and so concerned about her condition. She should be hospitalized so that she'll be given proper care and treatment. Anorexia is one of the leading health problem in women that caused others to death. So, help your friend..before it's too late.



You are very much worried with you're friend whom you think having some kind of anorexia nervosa? Ask your friends what's really bothering her? Maybe she has some kind of problem that caused her to stress a lot. You see, anorexia deals not only with eating problems, food and weight loss but it also deals with emotional stress related issues. You can't forced your friend with eating problem to change, but making her feel that you are always at her side, giving her sincere concerned would make her feel special and change for the better. Continue what you are doing. As of now, she's in denial stage but later on, as long as you keep on showing concerned, she will be moved by your presence and open up and would probably ask you to help her with her treatment process.


rhea mae

Mostly, women who have suffered anorexia nervosa are those women who doesn't have faith in herself..or they have some negative issues of themselves. They lack self confidence and they felt that no matter what they do, it's still not enough. As a friend of those suffering this kind of disorder, you need to let that friend of yours a feel she belongs..that there are many people who loves her and cared for her a lot. In this way, she will cooperate in undergoing some treatment. And be much willing to be treated.



Anorexia nervosa is a woman's disorder that mostly women who has it is always in denial stage. They always tells you that there is no problem with them even if it's already obvious and it shows in their body.That's why as a friend you need to be more patience and more understanding. Let your friend realize his worth as a person and that you will be always with her..helping her all throughout. Maybe in this way, she will be able to communicate with you openly and be aware of the fact that she needs treatment..and wants to be treated.



Actually, anorexia nervosa does not only a female disorder. It also affects male in all age group. It is a disorder most common to young generations. Especially those weight conscious and who thinks that being thin is always sexy and good.



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