oral sex
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can you get std with oral sex?



Yeah, I think so.



YES definitely!



You can get herpes during oral sex. The herpes virus or bacteria can live in the mouth and passed on when having oral sex! The same is true for chlamydia and gonorrhea...



Fluids are exchanged during oral sex, so yes, you can get STD when you go down on a guy/girl



yes. the person might have bleeding gums/ oral sores and you pass the virus to each other.



oh Man! anything that involves fluid exchange has the potential for STD!



are you saying that using a condom for oral sex will decrease chances of getting STD when you give/receive oral? have you tried doing oral w a condom? just wondering....



A gay friend of mine has tried giving oral sex while his partner wore a condom. he told me it was like eating a Popsicle with the wrapper still on...LOL! But otherwise it was OK. BTW, these are his words, not mine :)



Are you sure you haven't done this yourself Doreen99? Don't be shy. HAHAHA!



And here I used to think that oral sex was ok! But it makes sense...duh!

Really a Popsicle..but at least they guy can still receive head even when infected.



really? oral sex? time will come when even sipping from the same water bottle will give you STD... viruses will become mutant viruses in the future!



and oral sex can be so good! sigh! ah well, better to be safe than sorry!



haha! I totally sympathize Carmen and Hannah! Oral sex was a good way of getting off without fear of getting pregnant! Now you can also get STD from oral sex...sigh!



wow, never knew there were lots of oral sex fans!

STD sucks! pun intended!



the things you learn! now, no orifice is safe! haha!



oral sex and anal sex too!!!



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