Homosexual and HIV
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Is it true that gay people are more prone to HIV?

*This question is just a question and not meant to promote bias or provoke unseemly comments. Just a discussion people!



I dont know the stats on this but maybe someone can google. but i think it would be safe to say that sexual orientation has nothing to do with getting HIV. But if you have lots of sex partners and don't use condoms then the probability of you contacting AIDS just went up regardless of sexuality.



The numbers say that HIV and AIDS is more common among homosexual gay men and prostitutes...



so basically what you are saying Ronnie is that "gay" people are promiscuous?



huh? anyways, not true about the gay people are more prone to AIDS. In my opinion people who have multiple sex partners and do not use condoms are more likely to contact AIDS/HIV. How you like your sex or if you have sex with people of the same gender does not matter.



the only way to get HIV is when you have sex with an infected person. That person can be straight or gay. it does not matter. but putting on a condom can mean a life!



urban legend! unsafe sex is the more likely culprit!



Actually, AIDS is not limited to homosexuals but heterosexuals too. The HIV virus does not care if it infects a gay person or a straight person!

Look at the AIDS epidemic in Africa. It is an epidemic down there because they do not use condoms so the cycle of infecting people goes on and on. Coupled with the fact that it is passed from infected mother to unborn child makes it a big sad problem!



Saying that gay people are more prone to HIV is ignorant. I mean everybody knows that promiscuity and unsafe sex practices lead to STD and HIV infection. I am pretty sure that the virus would not infect straight people just because of they are straight!




Wow, its like saying straight people wont get AIDS! Get Real! Sex is a basic instinct, it does not matter where you "stick it in" or "how you like it". Wanna be safe? Wear a condom for crying out loud!

I heartily agree with pepperpie!



Thinking that gay people get HIV more often is biased!



Oh, wow this is a hot one! I have gay friends and while they do get their share of one night stands, they are careful about who they have sex with. So saying that just because they are gay automatically makes them promiscuous or HIV positive is unfair!

People who dont wear a condom when doing the deed are prone to HIV not GAY people!



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