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Hello all, I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we can chat about weight loss and share tips and tricks we may have found.



Ill start, with Gordon Ramsays Broccoli soup. I found the recipe by watching the youtube video. It looked simple, (heck its only got one ingredient)so i figured that even I can make it. It turns out that the soup is great and fairly filling. When I calculated the calories out for it, I was shocked to find that a huge 10 oz bowl (without the cheese or olive oil drizzle)was only 80 calories. a Low fat provolone could probably be substituted if you had to have the cheese in it. A slice of low fat provolone is around 50 calories or so.

Oh. An important tip. Take the center piece off the lid of your blender, and use a towel. You know the piece. It plugs the two inch hole in the blenders top and kind of acts like a knob. I left mine on the first time I made it. This completely seals the blender and when you turn it on, the steam blew the top off the blender and completely out of my hand. I ended up wearing half the soup. It basically erupted straight up.

Search for Gordon Ramsays Broccoli Soup and you should easily find the youtube video with the recipe.




Weight loss chart, is this the chart used for women to lose weight? What connection does it have to do with relationship? Just quite confused..



Well, being too heavy weight can sometimes reasons why our husband might look for other women to have sex with, something sexy and attractive. Because they already find their heavy weight wives or girlfriends unattractive. That's why it's also good to share some tips like having this weight loss chart to share some imputs on how to lossen some weight. How to be back with our normal self again, how to make ourselves more attractive to our husbands and boyfriends for that matter.



It's good that we have somebody to talk to about tips and do's and don'ts on how to loose weight. We need that what would be the proper diet and all forms of exercise to loose weight and be able to have a healthy body. Weight loss chat is so important in gaining and maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner.



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