unhealthy relationship
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i have a boyfriend who doesnt know my worth,i think and i feel his friends and work are far important than me..
our age gap is six(6) years, he's already working in makati and i am studying..its already my 4th year in college in a university in the province..we often see each other because our relationship was not known by my parents..
i understand that he has already a job but it hurts me when he cant find quality for me, for our relationship..



the way I feel about this riven is that no matter if he is working your working or if you both are doing whatever. He needs to take time for you and you should take time for him. It take both of you to make this work. If you or him do not enjoy being together and you put other ahead of time with the other then it may be that you need to take a break. Maybe you need to let your parent know and see if they can help with advice. I think if you love him so much then your parents need to know and he needs to make time for you! I hope you can make it work with someone who will love you for you!!



As the saying goes, "It takes two, to tango". To make unhealthy relationship healthy, understanding each others weaknesses is the best key. Be more loving to your partner..know and identify his needs and wants. Remember, men and women are not the same. It's reality..so, just give more to your partner and expect less.There you will find contentment and happiness.


lilly of the valley

You need more quality time together. Even how busy you are and your partner, you need to be together to make your relationship strong. Just always have an open communication on what's your plan about your relationship. You need to be open with your feelings. Have dinner dates and intimate moments together. You are working for your future but don't make your work ruin your relationship. Be nice to each other and give time to enjoy each others company.



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