there's a problem
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u askd if there is a problem.of cause there is,we dont communicate as much as we used to.he's father and sistas think i am nt good enough for him and he is obviously torn btw his family and i.just a few days ago i heard there is plans already for him to get married to one of his ex but i havent had time to ask him bc we talk on phone cos we live in different cities.the last time we spoke he stil ured me that i dont have to worry abt anything bt trust me it doesnt sound the way i have proposals for marriage bt i love dis guy and i am scared cos i dont know what is what anymore.


cassa blanca

As my advice, I suggest that don't give up on your man. Fight for him no matter what. You both love each other right? It is all that matters. Don't listen to other people's comment. If the father and the sisters of your boyfriend soesn't like you, fine! Who cares? Anyways, they are not the one you'll gonna be marrying in the future. So, chill girl. Just be happy both of you understand each other.



Your relationship with your boyfriend is like " You and Me Against the World." Just focus on your relationship and don't mind other people. What's important is, you enjoy each others company and you love being together. Don't give space to negative people..they are just their ruining your relationship. Pray for more years together. Love each other and prove to your man that you are worth to be loved and be cared about.


Thea Dale

Well, if that's the case, who are they to judge you? And you should not listen to their opinions..they can say whatever they want to say. What's important is that you love each other and you are willing to be there for each other no matter what. You love him truly and he loves you truly too. So that's what's important.



I'm just wondering why the father and siblings of your boyfriend don't like you? Is there something you've done in the past that makes them dislike you? But then, if your man truly loves you,..he will definitely fight for you. So, don't mind other people..they can always have something to say. But what really important is what your boyfriend has to say. If he says he loves you, then he will surely fight for you until the end.



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