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I\'m 40 yrs old and just started going through menopause and my husband doesn\'t understand any of it the mood swings and not wanting to have sex with him and I sometimes push away when he wants to show me love . So were always arguing about it and he tells me he\'s tired of it and don\'t care he keeps telling me he wants to move out or go get sex from another woman and he just doesn\'t understand how I feel about any of this its always I don\'t care about any thing anymore I just don\'t know what to do anymore.


kitty kate

Just tell him exactly how and what you feel. Tell him that you are having post menopausal stage. That there are some changes of your self and body that even yourself can't understand. I think if you will be honest to him, he will understand and be able to help you get through with it.



Going through menopausal period is not quite easy. And your husband didn't understand what you are going through. But don't give up, much more, don't give up on your relationship. Tell your husband all about menopause so that he will also be aware of it and would be able to understand your situation also.



Well, if your husband don't understand you, then well, don't forced him too. I guess, your husband doesn't really love you that much because if he does, then he will be lot more understanding and patientce with all the changes you in yourself. He will also gives you time to adjust the new situation you are also having.


Pearly Shell

I think you just need to have open and sincere communication with your husband. I know your husband will understand everything especially what you've gone through about menstruation, if you will sit down and have a heart to heart talk. Actually, menopausal stage is all in the mind. You can still do whatever you want to do together with your husband if you want to. Don't make the menopausal stage you are experiencing as an excuse if you don't want to make love with your husband. He really would not understand.



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