Menopause and a controlling man
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My mood swings have been held in for years and now I feel like I am out of control. Never realizing that holding in emotions could be so damaging to myself. Living with a man that would not let me because of what he was going through in his life. Now he wants to make or mariage work and now I am afraid that to make the mariage work I am going have to hold in my emotions again and I feel I can't do that. My mind is telling me I need to cry and show my anger at times just so I can be me. Then he will just tell me that it is over or say hurtful things to me. I am so confused right now that I do not know what to do.




Holding in emotions that need to be released is probably not good. Next time you feel an outburst coming on. Gently tell him, you need to think about things, get your coat on and take a 20 minute walk, the cool air will feel good, you can blow off steam and the exercise will increase the endorphins in your body that makes you feel happy.

It takes two people wanting to make a relationship work. The true test of determining whether your partner want to make the marriage work is to set up a time with a counselor. If he refuses, then chances are he doesn't see any reason to improve on himself and thinks you need make all the necessary changes to make it work.

Finally, find support from your family and friends that will support both of you and give you both the encouragement you need to make it work.

Good luck and God Bless.




You need to be open in what you feel and think to your partner. It's unhealthy relationship not to be honest with one another. If you're husband tells you to make your relationship work, then he probably should have made some changes on his part too. He should be more understanding and sensitive on what you are feeling. On the other hand, you must also share your part. Don't hold on if you know you'll no longer have the point of holding on because you'll just making it all worst. Just be true and honest to yourself and to your partner. It's one of the best solution I can give to you as an advice. God speed!



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