Its all your fault.
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Yes Im talking to you. Yes you.

I once had a conversation with an old gentlemen about the state of the men these days. He had a very odd outlook on life and often voiced his opinion about dating, relationships, and people in general. He firmly believed that the world could be straightened out over night if women held their men to standards.

As I get older and listen to the women around me talking, and as I read threads on this forum and others, I am beginning to realize that he is basically right.

Just look around you and compare it to 50 or 60 years ago. Men dressed well, had jobs, treated women well, by opening car doors and pulling back chairs from tables. If you didn't have a job or a car, you couldn't get a date, let alone get laid.

Now look around you. I heard a women complaining that her man cant keep a job and that she has to pay for everything when they go out together. The best part is that after the dates, she still sleeps with him. Why would a woman choose a partner for a long term relationship that , not only cant pull his own weight, but can barely take care of his own needs? Seriously?!?

Another woman complained that she doesn't like that her man wears his pants hanging off his , and confided in me that he often smells because he doesn't wear deodorant. She still dates and sleeps with him regularly and doesn't say anything to him because she doesn't want him to get mad.

Another real world example is a woman who dated a man that she knew would leave her if she got pregnant. What would make a woman think it would be a good idea to date a person who she knows would never support her or cover her back if she needed it. No, dont keep reading. Stop a second and seriously think about that.

What happened to standards? What happened to our society? It wasn't like this 50 years ago. 50 years ago, if you stank, women wouldn't even talk to you, let alone have sex with or date you. If the man couldn't keep a job or pay at-least his half of the date, he wouldn't even get a good night kiss. As for being in a relationship with a man who wouldn't support her when times got tuff, it would be as unthinkable to the woman as dating a date a cow would be.

But things have changed, and all this is not only except able, but its become common. The best part is that it can be easily fixed, and it can be fixed almost overnight. Its simple. Stop dating and having sex with men who aren't acting like men. Thats it, Thats all there is to the solution. Men want sex more than food. Men want sex more than water. Men cant go with out sex for very long and will go to extremes in order to get it. They will even go to crazy extremes of wearing deodorant and a belt on their pants.

The sad thing is that this will never happen and none of this will be repaired for the simple reason that women cant work together. Women in the United states see the women around them as threats. I have watched groups of women backstab, undermine, and block each other rather than work together to tackle an extremely obvious threat to them. I have seen this happen, over and over and over again. Its sad to say, but even if a few of you did start holding men to standards, based on what I've seen, the result would be that the other women around you would be having more sex with the men simply out of spite.

If your honest with yourselves, you know Im right. Isn't it sad, just how far we have fallen?

(I can obviously only speak about the Uniter States. Other cultures may be different. )


lilly of the valley

Well, somehow you are right. But not all women exactly are that kind. Women now a days are very strong and liberated but still wants an ideal relationship with her man. On the other hand,not all men are like the ones you have been mentioning about. There are still men who truly devote his time and effort to his woman. That still longs for an ideal relationship too. I guess, It's not actually about culture, religion but it's more on the attitude side.



I also agree, it's always on what they believe in. It's also more on principles. We should not blame men, of what happens to the women of the new generation. Like it's not good to blame women why men becomes this and that. It's a matter of how men and women handles the situation.



Well,liberated women doesn't want any serious relationship. Don't blame it to your parents what happens to mostly young generation women. It may be hard for you to accept but, it's no fault of any parents..blame it to the culture young generations are now in. Also, it's all about personality.



Don't put all the blame to your partner. Probably there is also some point that you have some mistakes and weaknesses. Try to be open-minded. Their is always a two sides of a coin, right?



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