Husband's Mid-Life Crisis -- HELP!!!
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My husband of 28 years has recently displayed full- n symptoms of a Mid-Life Crisis. The thought of it is scaring me to death! He was his usual self one day then whammy a totally different person the next. I am scared for US. He really can be verbally mean, unhappy with a defiant "I'll show YOU..." attitude, acts like he doesn't want to be around me, and excludes me from 90% of his life. He hides his phone and protects it like it was his child. Luckily we have some close friends who are stepping in to help. What a blessing! It gives my husband the opportunity to vent to someone that is not afraid to be honest and who my husband deeply respects. We are very blessed in this respect.


ellie rose

You are indeed blessed and lucky to have friends who are willing to be there..helping you in times of need. Your husband is so lucky to have you too as a wife whom would be willing to understand him..and embrace him and love him even if he show some changes due to his mid-life crisis.Just continue to be true to be always there for him to listen and always show him that you care. This is what he's part of your relationship to be facing this kind of problems. But, you will really overcome this trials..just cling on your promise for each be always love and behold..until the end.


angel mae

Mid life crisis depends on how a person manage it. Other men or husbands manage it will, but with your husband's case, he mismanage it or he acts negatively to it. His behavior change which hard for you to understand. It's good that you did not gave up on him and with the help of your other close friends he can surely overcome this chapter of his life. Just continue to show him that you truly loves him, care and needs him and assured to him that whatever changes in life he'll be facing, you will wholeheartedly accepts him no matter what.


kelly smith

Just let your husband know that you love him no matter what he is going through. Assurance of your love for him is waht she needed that most. Tell him that you will always stay by his side through thick and thin..and til death do you part.



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