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my husband has never stoppd cheating ever since we got married. does it mean im that bad



Nope, it means he cant control himself.

The only time its the woman's fault is when the woman is super strait laced. There are women out there who do almost nothing sexually other than lay there. These women view sex as only for reproduction, or as a duty that has to be performed. You know the type. No foreplay, no participation in the bedroom. In that case, yes it was the woman.

However,This is rare and I seriously doubt this describes you.

Some men just enjoy the hunt more than they respect their partner. Its as simple as that.

I recommend rebuilding your wardrobe and giving yourself a nice makeover. Go out into the world and practice your flirting. Its not cheating, and the attention you get from the single guys will be a nice boost to your ego. Its a nice reminder that your attractive to others. Besides you may end up dumping this looser, so brushing up on a few man attracting skills might come in handy.



Ditto on what Rikithemonk said...and bravo!


twinkle star

You don't need to blame yourself over the things you really don't have control of. What your husband is doing is the bad act not you. Some husbands are just so insensitive and mean of their wife's feeling and emotions. Theywill just do whatever they want to do just to fulfill their lust and cravings without even thinking of the consequenses of their actions. Don'tput yourself as the reason why he cheated on you. I guess, he is like that..it's his personality, whether you are good or bad..he will really cheat. That's a kind of man he is..which for you need not to love. If I were you, I should stop myself from loving him, because he did not give value or importance on your relationship.



He does not love you..that's it! It's not because of you that you are bad. It's about him, who doesn't love you from the very beginning.



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