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I reread one of my relationship responses and got to thinking about the differences in sex across the world. To be honest, I have never gone outside of the USA. I think it would be fun to find out how sex really works in other countries.

Here in the USA, we have two worlds. One is how we are taught as kids, and the other is the real world that isn't talked about much. As a teenager we are taught that virginity till marriage is normal. kids are expected to avoid sex before that time. In teenaged years dating is done by a boy and a girl. Often by them selves, but sometimes with friends. Kissing and touching are expected but nothing should happen beyond that. Sex is discussed openly with parents, although the conversation tends to be vague and feels strange. General sex Books are often purchased for the teenager. Girls are often taken to the doctor for pills or given condoms but are discouraged from using them. When adults dating is almost never done with friends. Sex is expected, But there is a three date rule. This generally says that there is no sex until the third date.

Now for the real world.

Children here start having some form of sex at around 13 years old. Its common in younger teenaged years for the sex to be oral sex. Modern teens seem to have two games going currently. Oral sex parties, and the bracelet game. People talk about oral sex parties where teenaged kids, usually younger teens. get together at a home when the parents are gone to play video games, eat junk food and have oral sex. Often as a group. This is not every very common, however it is happening more and more. Most teens don't think of oral sex as sex but rather something to do, and performing it in front of other teens is is loosing its taboo.

The Bracelet game has different rules in different schools, but it is basically this. Teenaged girls wear colored plastic bracelets. Each color represents a sex act that she is willing to do. In some schools, the idea is for the boy to snatch a bracelet from the girl. If he does then she must perform the act with him. Often before the end of the school day. In other schools, the bracelet cant be taken but must be given. the game is for the boy to have the largest collection of bracelets. Often priding themselves on the number of a certain specific color. Showing off what boy received the most jobs or the most anal sex

In the teenaged years sex is common, and since most teens change boyfriends several times a year, sex with multiple partners a year is common. Sex in older teens tends to include every type of sex. Anal sex has become common. The sex is often more aggressive than with adults. Sex between brother and sister, and sex between teens and parents is very rare and when it does happen, it tends to be hidden.

Friends for the purpose of sex has become common for single adults and is talked about openly between women. Actually, most adult women talk very openly to other women about their sex lives and go into great detail about their encounters. Adult men tend to be quiet about their sex lives. The conversation with other men almost never going into any detail at all. Although men will mention that they had sex recently and with who. A question about wether the girl was good or not is sometimes asked. The conversation generally ends there. The three day rule is generally not followed and dating couples can have sex anytime. Sex on the first date isn't unusual. Married couples tend to have the same kind of sex as everyone else. Adult women tend to be much less comfortable with anal sex that teenage girls are. In general older adult women are much less likely to perform anal sex than younger adult women. I believe this is because they were raised in a stricter culture. Married couples may have an affair with a friend or co worker, but how often this happens is unknown. The subject is very taboo and kept extremely hidden. Its my personal belief that a high number of married couples have occasional affairs for short periods of time at different points in the marriage. If an affair is discovered it has a major impact on the marriage. Its not uncommon for a affair to lead to a divorce.

Homosexual sex, or sex between men is extremely taboo. Homosexuals are often seen and are excepted by people, however in most places hugging, kissing and holding hands in public are almost never seen. Its not acceptable for a man to have sex with another man, and if a woman discovers that her man has done this, she will leave him. The general feeling with sex between men in most of the USA is this. "OK, you can be here and I wont bother you, but I don't want to see you or know you exist. Were over here, if you stay over there, we will leave you alone."

Fantasies about sex between men are taboo, however fantasies about two women having sex are except able and often encouraged.



If you live in a different country, tell us about how your country is. If you have a question, feel free to ask it. If you describe your country, come back from time to time just incase someone asks a question about yours.

I think this could be fun.



Yes, it actually depends on culture and the up bringing. But it's not only about sex, but in life as general. People from every walks of life have different life practices. With regards to sex, there are some countries who are too liberated to do whatever they want to feel doing about sex. Here, in the Philippines, cause I'm a Filipino, we are so refine about it. We are not so open and vulgar on it. It's part of our culture to stay pure until marriage. Sex before marriage is a big no and girl in our country will always be waiting for the man to make the first move.



Every country have different cultures and tradition that each one have praciced. It's all depends in us people to follow such different cultures. When it comes to having relationships and love, other country is so liberated while others too were very formal and still following some morality rules. It actually depend on the person. If he/she thinks that's what makes him/her happy's always up to him/her.



Well, cultures are important in every people. It also needs to be respected and every partner with different races, should understand each other's culture. It might not be applicable to the other but then, if you think your partner, have practiced it since birth, then you need to understand you individualities. You can't insists your partner to follow on your own culture if he/she doesn't want to. Respect should also be given great importance.



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