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When you are angry or deeply hurt, you may small problems out of proportion. Just as love sometimes clouds our objectivity, hurt and anger have a similar effect too. You may be tempted to ask a friend or a close relative to interfere or “make the other person see the sense of your argument”, but remember this approach can easily backfire as friends and relatives may not be objective and biased towards you. It’s therefore advisable to seek relationship counseling if both you and your partner are open to the idea. You may feel hesitant about confiding in a stranger, but remember a counselor is not just a stranger but a trained therapist. Just like you go to a doctor to treat an illness, you can visit a relationship counselor to treat your ailing

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Just remember to that trust and understanding is one best key to make the relationship lasting. There should always be an open communication between th two of you so that you will know what are your needs and wants to be able to give in to your partners longings and desires. It's not about who among you should be the decision maker or the husband's say is the last one that needs to be follow and the wife always have no say to all the important matters in the family. Is not about all that, you need to respect one another and try to be open minded and mature.


kelly smith

Always remember that in a relationship it's always be a give and take process. It's not only that your partner is the only one giving and you are the only one taking. No, it's always be a mutual understanding. This way, you will be liking each other more and loving each other for the good of your relationship.



You need to remember that in a relationship it's more on giving than expecting. Don't expect much, instead give much and work hard for it. Help one another in every way, and be more consederate to each others feelings and emotions.



In any relationship whether husband or wife, parents and children, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, there should always be respect and trust. It's a key to have a healthy and good relationship. You need to accept everything your partner has/have. Accept the good and the worst in him/her. Be always willing to listen. That's why open communication is also very effective part of any relationship.



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