teenage pregnancy
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which countries have the highest incidence of teenage pregnancy?



The United States I believe is number 1 followed by the UK. Dont you think its ironic that rich countries have more teenage pregnancies than third worlds or poor countries?



It is ironic considering that we have more access to health care than poor countries. they practically give away condoms at local health centers and yet, teenagers still get pregnant. this is so sad.



I agree. considering that most schools have counseling not to mention classes that deal specifically with this topic.

Some teenagers result to abortion instead, while some brave souls will keep the baby or give it away for adoption.



One contributing factor would be the quality of home life. Rich and industrialized countries tend to have busy/divorced parents so there is no more focus on families. Teens will turn to sex/drugs/alcohol for comfort instead of their flesh and blood.

But, eastern countries like Japan and Singapore are rich and industrialized too, but have very small percentages of teenaged pregnancy... that's something to think about!



Know what kristin, I think it does seem strange that countries like Japan and Singapore would have low incidence of teen pregnancy. And family life does enter to it...



This is because Singapore and Japan have very low divorce rates and these people actually have their own brand of discipline when it comes to their kids. Plus Japan is all about "honor" and stuff, so I guess this follows too.



The US and UK only top the charts among the industrialized countries. Poor, undeveloped countries have a very high teen birth rate.
I see many people on here trying to point to the reason this may be citing "busy/divorced parents", "discipline/honor", etc, but these are mere speculations. The lack of contraceptive is the major contributing factor for unwanted teenage pregnancy. Teens are going to have sex, and they need to be educated.



Poor and underdeveloped countries lack funds, so they have that excuse whenever their teenagers get pregnant. They can be uneducated, illiterate and not have access to contraceptive.

This is all the more 'embarasssing' for industrialized countries as they have the funds to educate their population and give them access to contraceptives.

The United States/UK and its people are all about excesses. Their lifestyle is excessive - too much freedom, money, vices and other stff - and this is the reason why their teenagers get pregnant.

Poor countries are just poor, victims of corrupt govt officials and such... besides, sex is a fun way of relieveing stress and passing time, so maybe for them this is like a trip to the movies or something... LOL!

BTW, this is just my opinion.... so whatever!



i have prob,can u pls help me..regarding my unwanted pregnancy...



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