sex during pregnancy
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Hello Everybody! After 5 years of waiting I am finally pregnant with my first child! I am currently 6 months along and my tummy is quite big already. My doctor told me that it is ok to have sex as long as I am comfortable. I was wondering if how long other women were before they stopped having intercourse while pregnant.



when i was pregnant with my first child, I was very hapy as any expectant moms would feel. sex was almost not in my mind during those long 9mos. i was more busy wiht my 1st baby's room, what to get for her, what to color the walls would be.



I could have sex till I was about 7 months. My girlfriend did not have sex at all when she found out she was pregnant. said it made her queasy.



I had sex till about 7.5 months...after that it was uncomfortable for me



My poor hubbie! I was not able to have sex at all when I learned I was pregnant till I gave birth! Yeah I know! I was weak and bedridden for the first 3 months due to a weak uterus and was worried of losing my baby the whole time!

Sex during pregnancy was just so unnatural and uncomfortable for me, even after I was able to move around and was pronounced ok by my OB. Good thing hubbie was so understanding!



I actually experienced an increased sex drive especially during towards the last trimester, must have been the hormones..hmmm..

We had sex until about 8 months...after that I was just simply too big and too uncomfortable, plus i felt so un-sexy



there are days when its ok and then other days when I feel so unsexy! My tummy is getting bigger.



could not...was bedridden...but they said the hormones made it even more special... sigh!



a friend of mine told me that it felt like she was a wanton sex godess for a while and then a beached whale the next minute. needless to say it drove her husband wild! haha! yeah, blame it on the hormones!



Congrats! Ellie, my BFF had sex till 7 months.



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