Opinion: Kids in the 40's
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What do you think of having kids late in life. Kids during your 40's or 50's? Post your comments here!



don't you think that's a little too late?



Kinda late... I was imagining that the kids would be in college by this time and I would be getting ready retire and enjoy myself



I think celebs like Marcia Cross, Geena Davis and JLO and others who had kids late in their lives is making women think that they can do this too. Having kids in the 40's is late in my opinion and women out there have to understand that maybe these people had help like IVF (w/c is expensive). So its not really a reality for most of us!



40 is late. Your gonna be in your 60's before they leave the house! 35 is my personal limit...after that its time to raise the kids. Not to mention the risks you undergo when you have your baby late in life.



If it takes that long for a person to save and secure the financial future of their family then this is ok. I would rather have kids late in life and provide them financial security than having kids early and not be able to provide them the best :)



reason why i married early, well at least one of the reasons, is bcoz i don't wanna be 40 plus and i'm still picking up my kid at kindergarten. at that age you should be attending your kids college graduation or something.



I agree with Julia, it is hard to raise kids and meet all their needs should it be financially or emotionally. So aside from money you also need to be mentally prepared. If it takes a long time to achieve this then kids in your 40's should be an option worth looking at.



I think its not about the age. But the timing. If you can face the responsibility early then good for you. But this should also not become a go signal for young people to have unprotected sex. Lots of young people get pregnant but have no means of supporting their kids, and the ones to suffer are the young ones.



I get your point, however, I am still for the start early, retire early team. As long as you know the consequences and can handle responsibility then it should be fine.



I married early had a child early and we struggled financially. However, it also served as an inspiration to work hard!

I guess it depends on the partners. As they say "any man can father a child but only a real man can raise a child". this is the same for women.



I want to start early. This way I can see my kids have kids of their own :)



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