mom at 40
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are kids or even a child at 40 too late? what are the dangers of trying for a baby at this age?



i imagine i would have at least two pre teens when i reach this age.

sorry but the big 40 is too late for me!



Most of the time people say the chances of bearing a child at that late an age are slim. This is true. Yet I have read and know firsthand for myself that there are lots of women who still where able to get pregnant & give birth at age 40, or beyond, without having complications at all. Plus their child are normal. Just be positive.



I wont consider having kids till we are financially secure. But hopefully, with God's help, we will be before I reach 35, otherwise, It would be harder to conceive...

aside from not being able to conceive, there are fewer eggs left and there may be some eggs that are damaged. when this happens, there might be miscarriages or even giving birth to a child with genetic disorders. this is the same with the dad too...

so it is something that we women need to think about...



Our parents had us quite mom was 32 when she married had the three of us during the next 5 years. She has always told us to "go see the world" or to "save like a maniac" and to always have safe sex so that we can get to do whatever it is we want to do before settling down.

I plan to be like my mom... If its too late to have kids before I see the world or have enough money for a family, then there are other things and projects that can take up my time...

So my opinion is: It is never too late until you are ready.



I'm 34 right now... and I think these two will be my only pregnancy.

So yes, 40 is a bit late.



I would like to have my last kid before im 30. this way, by the time im 50 they are almost done with school and I can get to retire early :)



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