List Your Weirdest Cravings HERE!!!
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Hello World!!! In another 4.5 months, I shall be the mother of the most beautiful Baby Boy in the whole wide world!!!

HAHA! I love being pregnant but I have had some really strange cravings since carrying Baby Joshua. The weirdest so far are:

1. Pistachio Ice Cream with Pickles
2. Warm rootbeer with papaya ---] yes I know It had to be warm, I dunno why
3. Extra Moist Chocolate cake w Coffee --] i know its normal but I crave it because I cant have coffee!!!

A shout out to all the expecting MOMs out there... We Rock!



When I got pregnant with my second child, I was assigned in Malaysia and I had this craving for Durian. I dont know if anybody here knows this, but under normal circumstances, Durian stinks! So yes, that was weird for me!

Cheers on your impending motherhood!



Hi Cindy!

I don't know what durian is! But I did Google it and it seems that it does stink! And thanks!

A friend of mine has been craving Green Mango Shake! She is 6 weeks pregnant so I will be expecting more weird cravings from her!



My weirdest was apple pie crust. crust only, and it has to be apple pie...haha! hooray to pregnant moms!



I have three kids and when I was pregnant with the second I craved for french fries on toast with cucumber and mayo...eww

My favorite drink was rootbeer with vanilla ice cream! I gained like 50 pounds...haha!



Rocky road ice cream and grape juice...
vanilla ice cream and Lipton iced tea...
brownies and coke...
chocolate cake and coke

was on an ice cream/chocolate spree LOLZ!



Wow, so pregnant women do crave weird foods! Pls keep posting your weird cravings! Hooray to Motherhood!



is craving for pizza with anchovies weird? LOL!



Oh wow, lots of yummy posts here! I read in a magazine that a pregnant lady put peanut butter on her chicken cordon bleu instead of the white sauce...haha! And anchovies are yuky when not pregnant but it is when you are expecting! thanks faith! Thanks Everybody!



I'd like some cake. CHOCOLATE! Any kind...



this is probably the most disgusting post for weird cravings: blue cheese on whole wheat bagels...eww! thankfully it was a passing phase...haha



blue cheese smells like are a trooper!

mine's Tabasco on everything!



I heard Britney Spears craved dirt. this is more disgusting than Mama Joy's blue cheese!



Dirt!!! Seriously? And I thought my friend's craving for vanilla ice cream and pickles was weird and gross!



OK i travelled to this asian country once & they had like duck eggs with the little baby duck partially formed in it like 16 day old. it is actually a delicacy of sorts there, quite popular too. you eat it w/ some salt & vinegar. it actually tatstes pretty good. i know it is gonna sound gross for most people.



My BFF's is salsa on everything!



Dirt? REally!!! Hey I like the Tabasco Susannah and the pickles too, hmmm that might be a good combo too! haha!

but Blue Cheese!!! well I'll take the blue cheese over dirt!

Thanks Ladies! Keep 'em coming!



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