Likelihood of Being Pregnant?
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Looking for a little bit of advice, as I'm going out of my mind and have been for about a fortnight!

I started my pill packet 8 days late this month (no reason why to be honest, I just kept forgetting to take it) and had unprotected sex with my partner on the day that I started taking it again. I have since come to understand that I wouldn't have been covered for a full 7 days after starting the new packet and my body may have released another egg during as a result of starting late.

I would be happy either way, if I was or wasn't pregnany because I am in a very stable and loving relationship and we both have stable jobs and a nice home. However, I'm worried that I might do something to harm the baby (like continuing to take the pill, eating the wrong foods, drinking coffee & alcohol etc).

We had unprotected sex 20 days ago and a home test yesterday came back negative, but I can't shake the feeling that I've conceived.

I'm having the following symptoms:

Cramping on one side of my abdomen around a week to ten days after "conception";
Dull but constant headaches;
Nausea in the afternoons which lasts right into the late evening;
More frequent urination.

Because I'm on the pill, I can't say when I would expect my period because it has always been irregular and I know the bleeding you have on your break isnt a true period.

Just wondered if anyone has had any similar experiences or could offer some advice? Really need to talk to someone about it but don't want to tell anyone at the moment!

Many thanks.



What date did your last period start, and what date did you begin taking the the birth control pills?



My last period started on the 19th September, I think -- I don't tend to keep track of the days because I'm on the pill so always know roughly when to expect it.

I've been on the pill for about 6 months now, but couldn't tell you when I started taking it. I previously had the Implanon implant for about a year and an IUD previous to that.

Haven't had a very good time of things with my contraception!



I meant the pack after that period. Was there any gap between when your period ended and when you began taking the next pack of pills?



There is a chance that you are pregnant according to the information you provided in your first statement. Just to be safe because birth control can harm the fetus I would stop taking it and use condoms until you know for sure that you aren't pregnant. I too have been having the same symtoms and I'm like 90% sure I am, just not late enough to get a possitive on a test. From internet research I've been doing you have to be 2-3 weeks late to get a possitive result. If you get your period make sure you start your pills and continue to use condoms for the first week because once again you won't be protected for that time. I wish you the best!



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