i'd like to know if am pregnant.
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jashow myers

During my last periods i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend frequently upto 3weeks when i saw blood which took 2 and ahalf days, this was earlier than i expected to see my periods and took only 2days yet i usually take 4days under normal circumstances. Now it's 3 weeks since then and am feel a slight headache, increased food cravings,lower back pain,lower abdorminal pain and general body weakness, could i be pregnant? Please help. Thanx



The best way to know if your pregnant is to see an obgyne. Don't just rely on some signs or some pregnancy test because there are times it can give a false answers to some questions we have in mind. So, to make sure about it is to talk with the experts.



You will notice some signs that definitely tells if you are pregnant. Like for example you will feel that your breast is swollen and tender, you will urinate more often, you will also feel nausea, fatigue and food craving.



You will felt that inside you if you are pregnant. You will have signs and symptoms of it and I know you have some instinct that could determined if you are truly pregnant or not.



Have a pregnancy test to be able to know whether you are pregnant or not. Plus, you can have some instinct or you will know if you are pregnant because pregnancy has it's signs and you will be feeling the things you did not felt before. You will notice it, and know it when the time comes.



Hello my name is samantha and I have a question for you ok look I haven't had a monthly in over 3 months but no + test it has been all - test and I was just remembering that when I was with my 1st on I was like 15 wks and 5 days and with my 2nd one I was 14 wks and 5 days and not even the blood test showed that I was anyway my question is for you all can I be that way and not even know about it because I don't really want to go to my obgyn and tell them you see I just had a baby boy in 04-10-15 of this year and I think that is way to early to be but I have not had one I'm sorry I had one in june of this year and that was it ? so can anyone please tell mw what is going on and if any of you had the same thing happen to you and you was that way but way to scared to let your obgyn know .



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